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Greetings fellow visitor and welcome on my webpage!

Here you are going to find my projects and experiments that I have worked on; reviews, in-depth insights and generally things that caught my interest. Feel free to browse around and if something sparks interest in you, or you have any questions, ideas, hints and alike, do not hesitate to take part in the comments or to contact me. Before you start browsing through, be sure to read the Disclaimer.

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After more than a 4 year long hiatus, I am back again! And the first thing you might have observed is that I’m ditching that lovely, colorful, unresponsive grayscale that had been dominating this site since the 25th of February 2012, when this site was born.
That transition should be now complete. Should you observe any graphical glitches that I’ve left untreated, please contact me and inform me about that fact, your device, resolution and platform.

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