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Central heating pipe antenna for SW

If you happen to live in a flat with steel central heater pipes and you don’t have the option to make yourself an external antenna, due to e.g. thermal insulation, this might probably be the best indoor shortwave antenna for portable world band radios; when it comes to signal (or noise) strength. The latter happens in unfortunate cases, when there are just many switched mode-based… [read more]

Degen DE1103

This is a great little battery powered PLL-tuned LW/MW/SW/FM receiver with support for single-sideband reception. I got it off eBay one year ago, for approx. 49 EUR including shipping. Receives 100-29999 kHz AM with SSB and FM 76-108 MHz, has 255 station presets, a backlit faux-analog display and small power consumption. I did a full review of its features on as a member… [read more]

TESLA ARF 300 headphones

Description: Stereo 2x 200Ω headphones.
Manufacturer: TESLA Valašské Meziříčí
Made in year(s): 1980s
Country of origin: Czechoslovakia
Status: Left driver speaker not working… [read more]

TESLA Moderato 1037A radio record player

Description: Two speed record player with radio.
Manufacturer: TESLA Bratislava, k.p.
Made in year(s): 1983-1985
Country of origin: Czechoslovakia
Status: Working… [read more]