Degen DE1103

This is a great little battery powered PLL-tuned LW/MW/SW/FM receiver with support for single-sideband reception. I got it off eBay one year ago, for approx. 49 EUR including shipping. Receives 100-29999 kHz AM with SSB and FM 76-108 MHz, has 255 station presets, a backlit faux-analog display and small power consumption. I did a full review of its features on as a member… [more]

Yaesu FT-857 CAT/interface cable

Recently I have been drawn before the commission of a local telco bureau, to take part in an amateur radio examination, by a fellow attendee. The motivation?  Well, each time I tinkered with a radio, I always skipped scanning of “ham” bands as I never really found debates regarding signal reports, the weather or their next planned doctor’s visits to be of particular… [more]