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As a teenager, I used to publish small freeware Win32 applications and system tools under the name ST-WARE Softworks. Because the original site is now defunct, I decided to put up a mirror for all of them here. Feel free to share – however since I have released them quite a long time ago, no additional support is provided. Please update your links or bookmarks.

Note: usage is at your own risk – I take no responsibility over any incidental damages on your machine.
Some of these utilities might trigger a false alarm in certain antivirus software, this is caused by internal compression routines which pose no real malware threat!

CMOS De-Animator v2 & 1.0
Update: new version available here

A service utility to manipulate with your system’s CMOS RAM. Version v2.1 (11th Aug 2011) runs straight under any 32 or 64 bit Windows operating system (inarguably, world’s first such application to do so!).
To work properly, administrator privileges might be required. Take care with laptops – their BIOS password, if set, is usually stored in an EEPROM outside CMOS and in such cases, attempting to clear the CMOS can cause your BIOS to lock itself up.
Previous, non-GUI versions: CMOS De-Animator 1.0, x86 and x64 (Oct 2010)


Dummy file generator for testing/benchmarking purposes. Can also generate files with pseudo-random data. FileFiller 1.01 (10 Nov 2010)

Blitz Planner

Fast task scheduling application. Blitz Planner (12 Aug 2010)

Non-GUI utilities

CPUCLOCK: Show current CPU frequency using RDTSC

FIXAUTO: Use this if having problems with Autorun on NT, 2000 or XP.

MON_OFF: Turns your monitor off, without sleeping the computer.

REROUTE: Use this, if you have a DOS/Win9x machine equipped with an LCD screen that doesn’t support the 640×350 mode.

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  1. Hi Please help with dell bios password for the laptop below that i forgot and dell wants me to pay 44 pounds to retrieve

    Latitude 7390 2-in-1
    Service Tag: J7KF0N2

  2. This tool cleared my BIOS supervisior password for HP T430. But the options are still in grey. I am not able to change anything. Is there a way around? I am quite desperate as my boot options are limited to HDD and LAN. Now i would like to reinstall my laptop with a different OS.

    Thanks in advanc

  3. I have tried your great app on my HP Elitebook 8470p but seems like the bios passwrd is locked in another location thanks ant way for a great tool 🙂

  4. I have an asus k701j laptop that has a bios password,which i forgot
    can i get any help for you guys

  5. Hi,

    This tool cleared my BIOS supervisior password for Lenovo T430. But the options are still in grey. I am not able to change anything. Is there a way around? I am quite desperate as my boot options are limited to HDD and LAN. Now i would like to reinstall my laptop with a different OS.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. If you want to get into your bios just take out your battery and insert it back in once it boots up its should load up the bios screen and you will be able to change anything you want without using a password it worked for me since I forgot the password I set on my bios.

      Hope it works good luck.

  6. I have a HP Presario CQ5110Y desktop running Win 7 and when running your program received the error message “Test CMOS read failed.” Any idea why and can it be fixed? Thanks!!

  7. I have a Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5224 laptop that I need to know how to reset the BIOS password. When the laptop is turned on it goes right to a password screen. I don’t remember what that password is. Can you assist with a way to flash the firmware to remove or reset it?

  8. I have a Lenovo Z570 ideapad laptop. it has a bios password i don’t know. it.s bios is of phoenix.i tried Cmos de- aminator. but it says test cmos read failed.

    please tell me what to do?

  9. i forgot my bios password of sony viao model no pcg-7184l

  10. Hello

    I have one DELL E5510 – laptop and I’m not shure if I can use this software to delete (clear) BIOS password. Any idea?
    I’m using Windows 7 32Bit.

    Express code: 28297400149
    Service tag: CZZJHP1-2A7B

    I have tried many different methods, including the original password without luck(?)!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dell by hdd serial number old nnnnn9rn
      Dell by hdd serial number new v9xzz64o

  11. hi.
    I have saved the cmos into a DEA file.
    is there a way I can use this to see the current password in plain text?

  12. Hi Jozef,
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the FileFiller.exe utility.

    FWIW, I’ve just downloaded it and used it on a Windows 8.1 system.


  13. I forget my HP 530 Notebook Bios master password. Can i use CMOS De-Animator to recover. Because I am afraid if my laptop got brick there wont be a way in next 6 months to repair it. Please reply in percentage for good luck 🙂

    1. There’s a high chance the password is not stored in the CMOS but in a separate (EE)PROM.

    1. hi venu I faced similar problem. Could you help me how to solve this problem. pleas say something as soon as you read this message.

  14. tnx for all how can help me, I have Dell E6520, can i use this software to remove bios admin password with this seriale : JL0FCS1-1D3B

  15. Your CMOS-De-animater is kind of rare software, especially for free, its lite, simple. Applaud for your work this kind of hard work. And many thanks for the share

  16. Please Help,

    I have Lenovo thinkpad laptop. it had supervisor password, i used the CMOS De-Animator from windows to clear the supervisor password,
    i let it on 256-byt CMOS and save CMOS, I pressed proceed. when i restart the laptop, it ask me for power on password. I have no Password. i remove the backup battery but it not fix the problem.

    Pleas help

    1. You attempted to “clear” the BIOS SETUP password with a “Save” option ? Well that indeed would not help at all.

      As stated in the application itself, with a dark red warning, some laptops might not acknowledge accessing the CMOS RAM and will lock themselves up completely. In such laptops, the BIOS SETUP password is NOT stored in the CMOS at all – mostly in a separate EEPROM chip.

      Get your laptop serviced. Unless there’s a universal BIOS password or other technique for your machine, you might have to get the BIOS chip replaced.

      Best regards

    2. When it requests the power on password, leave it blank and press enter.
      Or Post the model of ur Laptop in full.

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