TESLA Merkur 4160AB B&W TV

Description: A portable black and white TV.
Manufacturer: TESLA Orava, k.p. Nižná
Made in year(s): 1982-1989
Country of origin: Czechoslovakia
Status: Not available

Another TESLA piece – the Merkur 4160AB – is a portable analog black and white television receiver with a 31cm CRT screen. It has 8 manual-tuned station presets, all of which are freely tunable through the now-obsolete 5 “television bands” (1st to 3rd being VHF channels, 4th and 5th UHF). Supports both OIRT and CCIR sound frequency offsets, 6.5 and 5.5 megahertz respectively.  The TV has an external antenna connector and also a whip. Draws 40 watts and can also be powered from a 12V battery. The newer models such as “Merkur 2” had a composite video input for 8-bit microcomputers, also made by the Czechoslovak TESLA.

I have obtained my particular model from a scrapyard, thus saving it from a certain destruction it would have met. Aside from being dirty and the high voltage inverter a bit squeaky when it ran, it was still working in perfect state and had no major quirks. I have used the telly more like an oldschool decoration than for watching, although I did switch it on a couple of times, after my morning alarm clock rang and I had been too lazy to switch on the big modern LCD in the living room…

Its days have been definetely counted now. I have finally got rid of it when all Slovak TV transmitters converted to DVB-T in Dec 2011. It was about time.


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