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A handful of photos and comments regarding some of my unfinished, abandoned, failed or likewise hilariously stupid experiments, for which I have gathered up the courage to put them on-line 🙂

Neon lamp radiation detectorNeon glow lamp electromagnetic radiation indicator/detector (on YouTube too)
A small stabilized inverter was tuned right below the striking voltage of a glow lamp.
This made it sensitive to static electricity, light variations, RF fields and radiation.
An extinguishing resistor was used so that the glow lamp did not continue to glow.
(The glow lamp is located right on top)

 Glue gun EXTOL Madal Bal ČRFailed leaky glue gun, allegedly made in Czech Republic by Madal Bal ČR
No wonder the trigger was impossible to squeeze…


Electrolysis of brineElectrolysing and boiling a salt water solution with steel-copper electrodes
Rectified mains 230V~ (325 Vpp)


High voltage arc in a broken lightbulbHigh voltage arc in a broken lightbulb (brightness toned down)
Note the torn filament.


Weird light bulbTesting a weird, fuse-looking-like lightbulb (26V 0.15A) on a regulated ATX power supply


High voltage arcoverMinor high voltage arc-over, this particular transformer still works to this day.


DST flyback with failed diodesDST flyback with failed internal diodes, with AC on output and corona eating through.
This is what happens when you overvolt the output, or disregard coil polarity.


Hand driven record playerThis was a hand driven “record player”, which I made out of toys as a fourteen year old.
A plastic tube from fizzy vitamins was used as a tonearm, with a sewing needle on the end
positioned vertically, with a microphone near, all stuffed with tinfoil to help it “resonate”.

(Of course it was a record wrecker)


Corona over 2 EUR pieceCorona discharge on a 2 EUR coin


Flash capacitor charger circuitPrank device – a disposable camera flash charging circuit, in a box.
Usage: connect a 100M/350V capacitor, then drop it in someone’s pocket, pins upwards…


X-ray tube filamentX-ray tube filament cooldown, just after switching off.

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